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As a multiracial girl, I was blessed (cursed) with beautiful curly hair. Having curly hair is a day-to-day job. Curls take a lot of work and continuously need attention. I have been through the ups, downs, and all arounds when it comes to my hair!  From super short and “manageable” curls to long and wild curls, I have learned a few tricks to taming the beast!

My WILD Hair

Here is some hair help….
Condition! Condition! Condition! When you have curly hair it is naturally dry. Curly hair ALWAYS needs to be replenished! Moisturizer is a curls best friend. Other hair types might not need as much conditioning as curly hair, but I suggest condition EVERYDAY, or maybe every other day. I use a conditioner called Mixed Chicks. It is a very healthy conditioner and won’t harm the hair with lots of unneeded chemicals. It is pretty pricey, but well worth the money! Your curls will look and feel healthier!
Product: Mixed Chicks Conditioner (Miracle in a bottle! Love this stuff!!)
Affordable Product: Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Conditioner (ONLY $5!! HELLL YEAHH)

Leave-in conditioner is another mush have product for curly hair. I have used different leave-ins and, depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can get incredibility amazing results. As for now, I use No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner! It may be on the pricey side, but I love what it does to my hair. It is a very light weight product, so it lets my curls be curls! I will not weight down the hair. Side note: If you don’t want to buy another hair product, and want to save a few dollars, I have a DIY trick; Go to the dollar store and pick up a plastic spray bottle. Then, put some of your conditioner in the bottle, about 1/3 of the bottle. Afterwards, just fill the bottle with water and SHAKE! Now you have your own leave-in conditioner!!
Product: No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner (Usually $24 a bottle)
Affordable Product: Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner-10 oz ($16– even cheaper on Amazon)

My last hair health tip is a simple one but will change the look and feel of your hair!  |
ALMOND OIL is like God’s gift to women! It helps to improve a long list of things, including your hair! Curly hair wants to be repeatedly hydrated! Most people do it by using a deep conditioner (Like Pantene ProV 2-Minute Deep Conditioner), almond oil does that and then some! You can use sweet almond oil, organic almond oil, or even almond oil spray, as long as it is 100% pure almond oil! It will help with the moisturizing and overall nourishment of your curls. I use the oil 3 times a month. What I do it take some of the oil and apply it directly to my scalp. When that is finished I then work it to the ends of my hair by taking some of the almond oil… rubbing it in my hands, then running my fingers through my hair– to fully working the oil into the body of hair. I will leave the oil in for as long as I can (2-3 days) so my hair has the chance to soak up all the goodness that is almond oil!
Product: Natures Alchemy 100% Pure Almond Oil-16 oz (Only $11)
Affordable Product: Now Foods Almond Oil 100% Pure-4 oz ($4)

I hope this helps! The internet is full of curl how-tos, but they are usually girls with straight  showing/telling people how to get curly hair. I know how it feels to need the hair help. If there is anything, or any product, that you are unsure of, comment me and I will be more than happy to help you with your hair woes!!


UPDATE: I will be sure to post about the Dos and Don’ts of straightening naturally curly hair.



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